The Path to New Packaging Steel

Tuesday, May 24, 2022 12:05 - 12:35

Carbon reduced or even carbon free packaging materials are needed to limit climate change impact created from packaging. Packaging Steel, which has no imbedded carbon, will focus therefore on carbon reduction in steel making. We aim to develop a carbon neutral steel making process which will be achieved by a change from carbon-based to hydrogen based steel making. The presentation will provide a road-map of a 30% carbon-reduction within the next 10 years and with the ultimate goal of carbon neutral steel making in 2050.

Beside hydrogen-based steel making, circularity is the second pillar to reduce carbon emissions through an increase in recycled content in the coming years. The timeframe here is much nearer and this is already increasing. This requires, however, a further increase of our already successful material stewardship to make sure all packaging steel stays in the recycling loop and is reused over and over again, to make steel a permanent packaging material.

Armin von Keitz, Manager Sustainability and Associations, Tata Steel Europe