Sustainable and Accessible Packaging

Monday, May 23, 2022 12:05 - 12:35

At SGS & Co we are clear about what we stand for and ensure our behaviors match our ambitions and our commitment to bring best in class solutions to our clients. These values guide our actions: Client First, Win Together, Future Focused Innovators, Committed to Sustainability, Inclusion and Diversity.

Sustainability: measure to improve
You can improve what you measure: Our disruptive Planet Moment of Truth (PMOT) methodology allows you to measure the environmental impact of your packaging materials - so you can calibrate them and ensure alignment with your sustainability goals.
  • Planet Moment of Truth – Structural Design – 3D - L'Oréal Dercos case study
  • Planet Moment of Truth – Design and Ink – 2D - Mondelēz case study
Sustainable... and accessible
A real game changer within the packaging world. It marks a significant step-change in how big brands can put accessibility at the forefront of design and packaging decisions and be a catalyst for change.
  • NaviLens – Our Kellogg's Case Study : How a packaging project for the visually impaired ended up in the British Houses of Parliament  
  • Holy Grail 2.0 – How to recycle using embedded digital watermarks allowing smart packaging recycling in the EU

Lucile Grentzinger, Business Developper Director, SGS & Co

Victoria Tierney, Vice President, Global Accounts, SGS & Co