Democratising Sustainability is the Way to Engage with Consumers

Monday, September 6, 2021 11:25 - 11:55

The Problem
We are a planet in crisis… governments know, businesses know, consumers know. But it is too hard to change, too expensive, not commercially viable. So let’s talk a good game, let’s market our products or policies as good, when they are just ‘less bad’. Let’s claim our products are sustainable when they are not, let’s create confusion so that change is slow and hard but cheap and profitable.

The Solution
It’s our responsibility to find ‘more good’ solutions and take them to the masses. Whether its helping close the biological or technical cycle, creating good carbon, eliminating bad carbon or is just making more good things available to more people. We amplify good.

Our passion is magnifying the good so that less bad is no longer good enough.
Democratising sustainability is the way to engage with consumers & give them access to changing the world through their packaging choices. Today we will demonstrate how the beauty industry (& other industry’s) need to work together in a transparent way to solve our big sustainability problems. Packaging being 1st on the list. We have achieved this through our Return refill repeat programme which offers packaging to other personal care brands that can be returned (when empty) to be washed and refilled. Using digital technology to track every aspect of packaging’s journey through the circular economy.

Jo Chidley, Co-Founder, Beauty Kitchen