Microcities and the Future of Packaging

Monday, June 24, 2019 11:25 - 12:00

  • Cities (and their urbanism development) have undergone a dramatic transformation over the last thirty years, where migrations and industrialization on an exponential scale, ended up generating an overpopulation issue
  • Megacities where millions of people subsist... of course generating consumptions with higher impact on a system that every day reaches its limits in terms of transport, safety, and health. Welcome to PlasticLand
  • However, on every forecast about the future on urban areas (beyond the fact that 75% of humans will live on a city), includes the consolidation of Microcities: spaces that concentrate different living spaces of an inhabitant, guaranteeing life quality
  • This presentation exposes the main characteristics that will have in the future this new model of city, and how it creates new challenges and business opportunities around the packaging industry

Luis Carlos Chacón, Global Consultant / Op-Ed Columnist, BusinessCase / Forbes LatinAmerica