Can the Packaging Industry become solution to Ocean Plastic Pollution?

Monday, June 24, 2019 13:40 - 14:15

The awareness of ocean plastic pollution has risen sharply over the last 3 years, through film such as A Plastic Ocean, and other media and burgeoning science evidence. But also its our personal encounters with discarded plastic on our beaches, river banks and in our city streets that has brought this problem home to so many people globally. Plastic packaging has been synonymous with the issue, which has rightly focused on reduction of single use plastic.  How do we turn this around - so we get the benefits of packaging around goods, but stop the excesses and improve resource efficiency? The presentation will highlight not just the need, but the obligation on the packaging industry to come together to help solve this complex and nuanced problem within its sphere of influence - and quickly - so that our consumption of goods does not lead to an increasing burden on our fragile and precious oceans. Is this an invitation that can't be refused?

Dr Geoff Brighty, Technical Director , Plastic Oceans Uk