Being imperfect. Better? “I’ll make more mistakes in a week then you will in a year and I’m OK with that because I have 100 more mistakes to make next week.” John Nunziato

Monday, June 24, 2019 14:20 - 14:55

Introduction: Set the tone and pace for what I’m about to deliver about being imperfect.

 Self Evaluation: What is it that you’re expecting from your hyper organized thoughts?

  • Loosen up and allow yourself to react and capitalize in the moment
  • If you’re making a plan, plan on being flexible
  • Rigidity is keeping you 5 steps behind from the mover and makers
 Talking About The Whys:
  • Why can’t you ever seem to convert your ideas?
  • Why is the big idea still stewing in the back of your mind?
  • Today, last week, tomorrow - when are you going to make the biggest most beautiful success or mistake of your business career
  • And why just one imperfectly beautiful blunder
  • Why not make 10 this year and maybe 1 will be great
  • Take a look at my mistakes and the brilliance that was born out of them
  • Forget about yesterday
  • How to build the culture, thought process, and a flourishing brand business based on a model of fast fails and big successes
Questions: Let’s have a conversation (rather than questions.) We will start it off.

John Nunziato, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Little Big Brands