How FMCG Firms can Increase and Successfully Manage the Opportunities Presented by Packaging Innovations to Create New Product Opportunities

11:40 - 12:15

Within the FMCG industry it is widely recognised that packaging forms an integral part of the product offering that is inseparable from the core product in the eyes of the consumer. Innovations in packaging, such as microwavable materials and draught in-can systems, provide evidence that new developments enable packaging to improve the quality of products and create new opportunities in the market place. Yet, many FMCG firms fail to innovate in packaging, and do not have a comprehensive understanding of the factors they must put into place to improve their management of packaging innovation and create new product opportunities. 

This session will provide insights into the unique research undertaken at the University of Portsmouth, and the new insights into the capabilities and activities required to increase packaging innovation.

Dr Christopher Simms, Reader in Innovation Management and New Product Development , University of Portsmouth


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