E-Commerce - Where Two World’s Collide: The Digital Revolution Taking on Retail Packaging

17:10 - 17:55




As retail sales increase, sending via the internet is bringing new constraints. In this fresh and energising plenary, hear industry leaders debate the very latest in e-commerce and the challenges this proposes; everything which makes packaging more recyclable, reusable and sustainable, new technological platforms to innovate and plan effectively for next generation packaging.

In this high-level discussion, join us on a journey to discover the journey towards a faster, efficient and cost-effective industry. Experience the very latest in e-commerce developments to help you and your organisation innovate and plan for next generation packaging.


  • Production costs of packaging is huge which is taking away the focus on innovation
  • Production Costs VS. Innovation
  • Packaging Design for e-commerce, Cost-Reduction, Design, Creativity and Branding
  • Regulations/ Standardisation

Michaël Nieuwesteeg, Managing Director, NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre

Alexandre de Souza Carvalho, Global Director, Marketing Services, Tetra Pak

Luis Arévalo, Design & Packaging Director Latin-America Business, Colgate-Palmolive

Nicolas Bouche, Packaging Director, Decathlon


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