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  • Packaging development, innovation and technology
  • Sustainable packaging and new materials
  • Creative branding and packaging design
Day 1 – January, 25 2016 – Monday


Opening keynote address
Packaging development, innovation and technology

Hear from The Coca-Cola Company on why the Circular Economy is a business opportunity for the packaging sector; what changes it will require and what role packaging innovation and regulation will play.   

  • Why is the Circular Economy important and where will it apply for packaging
  • What changes will it require in the packaging sector
  • The importance of end-to-end thinking for packaging innovation
  • The role of effective regulation to leverage innovation and transformational change

Ulrike Sapiro
Sustainability Director


Keynote commentary & industry impact panel
Sustainable packaging and new materials

Bettina Lorz
Senior Expert, DG Environment
European Commission


Industry impact panel
Sustainable packaging and new materials

According to the World Economic Forum, adopting circular business models could save businesses $1trillion (€898bn). Packaging plays a critical role in establishing a truly circular economy, and presents a unique and previously untapped source of profit margin growth for companies. Following the European Commission keynote, this session will address the opportunities and challenges brought by the new E.C. Circular Economy package.  A panel of industry leaders will come together to discuss the impact of the Circular Economy model and the new E.C. regulatory package on brands, retailers, manufacturers and, ultimately, customers.

Virginia Janssens
Managing Director

Kevin Vyse
Primary Foods Packaging Technologist & Packaging Innovation Lead
Marks & Spencer

Paul Bruijn
Senior Global Lead Safety & Environment Global Production

Maarten Labberton
Director Packaging Group
European Aluminium

Kathryn Sheridan
Sustainability Consult


Case Study
Creative branding and packaging design

Packaging is a solution to protect, transport, and sell a product that informs the user. Accordingly, it does not make sense to talk about sustainable packaging, it should be the sustainable packaging chain. Especially in the supermarket where people choose on a subconscious level, influenced by the packaging design. Sustainability and packaging design are different worlds that are combined in one decision process and finally in the same solution. A scientific view in a fascinating world.

Roland Ten Klooster
Professor Packaging Design and Management
University of Twente


Case Study
Creative branding and packaging design

  • Understanding consumer and retailer needs before designing the package
  • Discovering the opportunities of packaging through all the moments of truth-from the ZMOT until the UMOT
  • Redesigning packaging to optimize shelf space and stand out against your competitors
  • Providing cost effective design solutions to reduce expenses whilst remaining innovative and consumer-centric

Dr Shira Rosen
Head of Packaging Development
Strauss Group



Case Study
Sustainable packaging and new materials

We face more challenges in the food industry than ever before, not least the need to embrace the circular economy whilst protecting food safety by guaranteeing ingredient and material supply chains. One size does not fit all and M&S are taking steps to ensure they understand and implement truly sustainable thinking. This talk looks at some of the debates, the challenges and the solutions.

  • Design circularity into packaging
  • Ensuring secure supply chains
  • Identifying correct solutions
  • Taking the business with you on the journey

Kevin Vyse
Primary Foods Packaging Technologist & Packaging Innovation Lead
Marks & Spencer


Solution Spotlight
Sustainable packaging and new materials

Packaging is going through more change than ever before:

  • Changing consumer insights
  • Technology driven changes in packaging
  • Sustainability led transparency and risk reduction
  • Personalization and customization


Michael Richmond Ph.D.
Vice President, Packaging Technology Integrated Solutions
HAVI Global Solutions


An opportunity for all delegates to meet with some of the speaker faculty and discuss certain issues raised in their session in greater depth.

Stuart Urwin-Mann
Head of Global Packaging & Device Procurement

Roland Ten Klooster
Professor Packaging Design and Management
University of Twente


Expert Commentary
Packaging development, innovation and technology

  • Discovering how a global food company can innovate through strong partnership and innovative approach 
  • Learning how to progress in a complex environment. How to leverage innovation with too many specifications, suppliers and bespoke solutions to work with?

Jean-Baptiste Rubens
Director Global Packaging Productivity and Simplification
Mondelez International


Creative branding and packaging design



The current young population (Generation Y and Z) is the most diverse and best educated generation ever. They have been shaped by technology and are true marketing game changers. Old handbook marketing approaches are bound to fail with this large consumer demographic. High time for a cross-generational reality check!

In a recent research project, we talked to Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z consumers, taking a closer look at what differentiates the new consumer generations in the market today from the ones that preceded them.

In this session, you’ll discover the most remarkable differences and similarities between and across these generations. Moreover, you’ll learn from NxtGen expert and author of the AMA award winning book How Cool Brands Stay Hot Joeri Van den Bergh how this has an impact on your marketing and how to make your marketing and branding future-proof towards these generations.

Joeri Van den Bergh
Co-founder & NxtGen expert

Day 2 – January, 26 2016 – Tuesday


Solution Spotlight
Packaging Development, Innovation and Technology


  • Don´t just reduce but optimize the design process
  • Achieve design and artwork excellence
  • Introduction of CDA (central design agency) concept
  • New workflow implementation, greater efficiency and better time to market
  • IT software solutions support design and execution

Otto Groen
Commercial Director


Creative branding and packaging design

Be Inspired! The ‘Pathways to Innovation’ mini-series showcases three experts in- and practitioners of- innovation. These three speakers have innovated, reinvented and reimagined their businesses by taking inspiration from the most unlikely of places and gain practical tips and tricks that you can apply to your business to speed up your innovation processes and generate a measurable ROI.

Ulrik Skovgaard Rasmussen
Grower’s Cup

Brooke Roberts
Digital knitwear designer and consultant
Brooke Roberts

Lauren Bowker
Materials Alchemist


Solution Spotlight
Packaging development, innovation and technology

The increase of online retail opens up opportunities for retailers and brand owners to utilize packaging as a key vehicle for increasing sales, reducing costs and increase the shopper brand experience. This implies retailers and brand owners need to adopt their packaging strategy and designs for online shopping and home delivery. To exemplify the role of packaging design we will illustrate online retail packaging concepts for key retailer categories.

Björn Thunström
SVP, Marketing & Innovation, Packaging Solutions
Stora Enso


Case Study
Packaging development, innovation and technology

  • Developing innovation, from concept to commercialisation
  • Efficiency savings, both time and money
  • Sustainability across the supply chain


Tomasz Galka
Procurement Global Category Leader, Packaging

Case Study
Packaging development, innovation and technology

  • A look at managing packaging waste in an international food organisation
  • The challenges of supplying products in a professional customers environment
  • Environmental evaluation of a packaging optimisation

Jolan Laujay
‎Packaging Engineer
Metro AG


Case Study
Creative branding and packaging design

Decathlon is active 21 countries and has more than 900 stores. However, this global presence presents some challenges when designing and innovating in packaging.

  • Discover how to reduce the costs through an inspiring design policy
  • How to cooperate with the whole supply chain
  • Exploring ways to stimulate teammates to dare and be pro-active


Nicolas Bouche
Packaging Director

Solution Spotlight
Sustainable packaging and new materials

  • Our first analysis of the EU CE Package proposals
  • How can we reach together ambitious recycling targets
  • Why brandowners should use permanent materials

Maarten Labberton
Director Packaging Group
European Aluminium


Case Study
Packaging development, innovation and technology
  • Innovation and technology in packaging that help reducing the deviation of legitimate products into illicit channels
  • Latest developments in track and trace systems in manufacturing for optimal counterfeits identification
  • Discovering effective packaging design to fight the fakes

Brian Lee
Track and Trace Director

Case Study
Sustainable packaging and new materials

Due to raising consumers’ attention on environmental aspects related to goods production and disposal, sustainable bio-based resources could play for the packaging industry a future strategic alternative to fossil feedstock. However, the preservation of sustainability information along complex feedstock supply chains could be seen as a major challenge for the packaging industry players. 

This contribution of ISCC illustrates the main pillars of sustainability certification of packaging, namely which type of sustainability criteria can be linked to a certified packaging product, how the mass balance approach enables companies to allocate sustainable input material to one or more output materials, and which type of claims are applicable for the sustainable packaging products.

Dr. Norbert Schmitz
Managing Director
ISCC System GmbH



Case Study
Sustainable packaging and new materials

  • Improved biodegradable and compostable material properties
  • Barrier and antimicrobial biodegradable film
  • Smart features (oxygen sensor)
  • Development of improved biodegradable and compostable material grades with improved properties, adapted to industrial use
  • Development of biobased and biodegradable films with barrier and antimicrobial properties.
  • Manufacturing of real demonstrators of bottles for pharmaceutical, jars for cosmetic and trays for food application

Victor Peinado
Technical Manager


Case Study
Sustainable packaging and new materials

Nestlé’s commitment to sustainable business practice is strongly illustrated by its packaging strategy. The challenge of this global leading food group is to find optimal packaging design that can save packaging material and avoid food wastage. Nestlé leads the development and use of materials from sustainably managed renewable resources, considering packaging and product performance requirements. The company also supports initiatives to recycle or recover energy from used packaging and uses recycled materials where there is an environmental benefit and it is appropriate.

Bernd Buesing
Senior Packaging Expert


Out of the box talk
Packaging Development, Innovation and Technology

From shoppable windows to products that come alive in your hand; the worlds of augmented reality and retail have collided spectacularly in recent years, and there is a great interest in the design and packaging industry to see how best to leverage the use of AR in order to stand out from the shelf and influencing in the consumer behaviour.

Sander Veenhof
Hands-on Futurist