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Day 1 – Monday 25th June 2018

Registration & refreshments

Packaging Development
Packaging with the End in Mind: How to Anticipate and Comply with Societal Views, Regulatory Developments and Consumer Preferences?


In this insightful case study, hear the best strategies to keep in-line with tightening regulations in the packaging world, while at the same time addressing consumer preferences. Gain an understanding of how to work alongside regulatory authorities and overcome tough regulatory and perception hurdles.

  • EU Regulation
  • Societal scrutiny on packaging and packaging waste
  • Consumer views of packaging and recycling
  • Packaging design and waste management with both ends in mind
  • Case study and practical examples

Hans van Bochove
VP Public Affairs Europe
Coca-Cola European Partners


Solution Spotlight
New Technologies & Materials
How a “Traditional” Material can be a Source of both Innovation and Sustainability


Understanding steel for packaging as the model material for a circular economy and a contributor to brand success.

  • Innovations with a material that is circular by nature
  • What is more sustainable than “permanent”

Stéphane Tondo

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Case Study
Packaging Innovation & Design
Applying Structured Semiology & FMOT Tools for High Performance Packaging Design


  • Starting with an overview of a Holistic Pack Design model and review of the key challenges ahead for FMCG packaging innovation, the session will focus on the tools and methods used to solve the dual design challenge of storytelling and path to purchase

Alex James Orchard
Global R&D Director – Dairy Packaging

Case Study
New Technologies & Materials
Packaging of Fresh Seafood


  • How can packaging keep your fresh fish fresh longer including state of the art on packaging of fresh seafood, what parameters influence seafood quality, what benefits can packaging give, and just as important, what can you not influence with packaging
  • In the above I will touch upon temperature, hygiene, pre-treatment and combination technology in addition to packaging technologies such as modified atmosphere packaging, skin/vacuum packaging, active and/or intelligent packaging – including cases from industry trials
  • Is bio-based or biodegradable packaging with or without anti-microbial properties the future for seafood packaging? Main results from three European projects, Forbioplast, n-Chitopack and Actibiosafe where this has been focused will be presented

Morten Sivertsvik
Research Director

iSolve & Networking Refreshments

iSolve logo

Solution Spotlight
New Technologies & Materials
Reconsidering material, design and process for sustainable packaging – Better with Less


  • Fresh fibre lightweight boards as choice for more competitive and sustainable packaging
  • Reduction of carbon footprint through bioenergy
  • Breaking new ground in paperboard cup design with Lidloc – a coffee cup with integrated lid solution
  • Skincare 2.0 and T2 – Concrete examples of how packaging design can improve both attractiveness and sustainability of the packaging

Cyril Drouet
Design & Innovation Director
Metsä Board

Solution Spotlight
Packaging Innovation & Design
Let’s Dream Big – Clearly and Quickly Connect with Consumers Through Packaging


    • Ensuring accurate and timely response to market demands with frequently changing packaging is a challenge for CPG brands
    • Exploring how to facilitate collaboration between manufacturers, designers and brand managers?
    • Discovering how to visualize the packaging concept as early as possible without spending a ton of money on expensive mock-ups?
    • Outlining how CPG organizations can digitize, automate and connect to drive better communication with consumers – both on and offline
    • Understanding the psychology of color thinking for better design, the science and emotion of color, and how color influences product purchasing decisions
    • How to get the right color and how to get the color right on consumer packaging, looking at brand color in production, and how to “level up” the color maturity model

John Kuijt
Senior Account Executive Brand Owners

Abigail Bruce
Marketing Director EMEA

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Case Study
Packaging Innovation & Design
What’s Next? – A prospective Approach to Customer Insight and Its Value in Creating Attractive Packaging Designs


  • What is the right way – is it Innovation first and then looking for opportunities or reverse?
  • Differentiate products with innovative packaging – materials/compliance/appearance
  • Case Studies – converting ideas to opportunities

Rajesh Mishra
Head – Packaging Development

Case Study
New Technologies & Materials
Agricultural By-Products for Shelf Life Extension


  • Sustainability and food security are global priorities and innovations in packaging technology can make a significant contribution the achievement of these goals
  • Processing of agricultural by-products can provide new materials which may have applications in areas as food ingredients or in packaging
  • Initial work has demonstrated that a range of novel materials including
  • nanofibers can be produced from agricultural by-products
  • The properties of these new materials such as anti-microbial activity and anti-oxidant capacity will be evaluated and their potential application for shelf life extension
  • Comparisons with other natural nanomaterials derived from agricultural waste will be made
  • Future research strategies and applications to the packaging of food or other materials will be discussed

Graham Bonwick
Senior Lecturer
Newcastle University

Networking Lunch


Case Study
New Technologies & Materials
Premium Brands in Personal Care – Moving into Digital Print?!

  • Status of Premium Brands
  • How we print today – what will change?
  • Digital print for Premium Brands : status, technical challenges and ways for solution
  • Opportunities for Premium Brands in digital print

Ulrike Quirmbach
Senior Artwork Production Specialist
Unilever N.V.

Case Study
Packaging Innovation & Design
Appealing to Customers Senses: Delivering Meaning and Sensory Experiences for Customers Today and Tomorrow


  • Check your basic knowledge of survival
  • How to differentiate from the core: Empowerment from within
  • Finding the perfect fit for further differentiation: Case study of HennigOlsen new visual identity
  • How sharing will ease your access to your brand ambassadors
  • Forget the product: make sense, stay true and create long lasting sensory experiences

Merete Willumsen Haugå
Marketing Manager
Hennig-Olsen Is AS

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Solution Spotlight
New Technologies & Materials
The Rise of e-Groceries and the Unique Opportunities for the Food and Beverage Industry

TetraPak sent by CP

  • At this year’s Global Packaged Summit, Tetra Pak will be launching the 2018 Tetra Pak Index, an annual report that investigates consumer trends and growth opportunities in the Food and Drink industry.
  • This year the report will explore the rise of e-Groceries and the unique opportunities to meet the needs of the ‘always on, on demand’ consumer generation!

Alexandre de Souza Carvalho
Global Director, Marketing Services
Tetra Pak

Solution Spotlight
Packaging Innovation & Design
The Possibilities are Endless: Exploring New Technical Innovations for Packaging
  • Multi-censor and beneficial packaging, marketing aspects and major developments
  • Where Technology Fits – How can packaging be used in connecting with the digital world?
iSolve & Networking Refreshments

iSolve logo

Packaging Development
Sustainable Packaging Solutions: How to Satisfy Environmental Consciousness and Packaging Production Processes


  • How to achieve environmental consciousness in packaging development and production
  • Processes without compromising the bottom line
  • How to achieve efficiency on the whole supply-chain, from production to customers

Nicolas Bouche
Packaging Director

Packaging Innovation & Design
How to Develop a Strong Pack


  • Strong pack could be approach from different angles but which are most important and how do you get there?
  • Insides on which choices need to be taken and how we make these choices
  • What does it take to make a strong packaging at Philips?

Niels Prinsen
Sr. Structural Packaging Designer
Royal Philips

New Technologies & Materials
E-Commerce – Where Two World’s Collide: The Digital Revolution Taking on Retail Packaging

NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre
TetraPak sent by CP

As retail sales increase, sending via the internet is bringing new constraints. In this fresh and energising plenary, hear industry leaders debate the very latest in e-commerce and the challenges this proposes; everything which makes packaging more recyclable, reusable and sustainable, new technological platforms to innovate and plan effectively for next generation packaging.

In this high-level discussion, join us on a journey to discover the journey towards a faster, efficient and cost-effective industry. Experience the very latest in e-commerce developments to help you and your organisation innovate and plan for next generation packaging.

  • Production costs of packaging is huge which is taking away the focus on innovation
  • Production Costs VS. Innovation
  • Packaging Design for e-commerce, Cost-Reduction, Design, Creativity and Branding
  • Regulations/ Standardisation


Michael Nieuwesteeg
Managing Director
NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre


Alexandre de Souza Carvalho
Global Director, Marketing Services
Tetra Pak

Evening Drinks Reception

Day 2 – Tuesday 26th June 2018

Registration & Refreshments

New Technologies & Materials
E- Commerce – The New Packaging Challenge


E-Commerce is changing the way we design our packaging to deliver a great experience to our consumers. Understanding how eCommerce can really change the way We innovate for Our consumers is vital for our companies.

Luis Arévalo
Design & Packaging Director Latin-America Business

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Case Study
Packaging Development
Packaging Sustainability: Getting Even More from Less

Mondelez International logo

  • Discussing the cause, effects and control in perspective
  • The science & the art of preventing diminishing returns
  • Success stories from around the Mondelez world
  • Overcoming hurdles to achieving sustainability
  • The way forward

Prabhat Mishra
Global Packaging Sustainability & Innovation Lead
Mondelez International

Case Study
Packaging Innovation & Design
Redesigning an Icon Brand – Challenge Old Truths to Drive Sales Impact while Reducing Environmental Footprint

Fazer logo

  • Design strategy linking strong consumer trends with environmental initiative
  • Adapting to paradigm shift in retail category
  • Killing your design darlings

Camilla Fjällberg
Head of Brand and Portfolio
Fazer Bakery Sweden

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Solution Spotlight
New Technologies & Materials
The Power in Choice of Packaging Materials

Iggesund logo

  • How can you avoid increasing the climate impact of your packaging by more than 5000 per cent? Or how do you reduce your impact by more than 95 per cent?
  • Comparing carbon values for different materials is one thing, but looking at their impact in different applications trying to solve the same packaging is definitely something else
  • A new study made by the Swedish Environmental Institute compares different types of packaging with LCA methodology – and some of the results are astonishing

Quentin Westerlin
Sales France – Brand Owners chez Iggesund Paperboard
Iggesund Paperboard

Staffan Sjörberg
Public Relations Manager
Iggesund Paperboard

Solution Spotlight
Packaging Innovation & Design
Go Circular with a Reusable Packaging System to Improve Supply Chain Performance
  • Bringing both supply-chain and packaging together to increase efficiency
  • The importance of ‘Big-data’ in determining consumer tastes and trends
iSolve & Networking Refreshments

iSolve logo

Case Study
Packaging Development
Sustainable Packaging: Challenges and Opportunities.


  • Beyond green washing and enhancing packaging life-cycle
  • Evaluating blockers: Cost, performance and availability
  • Emerging alternatives

Julien Barreau
Creative Buyer
Lush Cosmetics

Case Study
Packaging Innovation & Design
How FMCG Firms can Increase and Successfully Manage the Opportunities Presented by Packaging Innovations to Create New Product Opportunities

PortsmouthWithin the FMCG industry it is widely recognised that packaging forms an integral part of the product offering that is inseparable from the core product in the eyes of the consumer. Innovations in packaging, such as microwavable materials and draught in-can systems, provide evidence that new developments enable packaging to improve the quality of products and create new opportunities in the market place. Yet, many FMCG firms fail to innovate in packaging, and do not have a comprehensive understanding of the factors they must put into place to improve their management of packaging innovation and create new product opportunities.

This session will provide insights into the unique research undertaken at the University of Portsmouth, and the new insights into the capabilities and activities required to increase packaging innovation. This session will provide insights into the unique research undertaken at the University of Portsmouth, and the new insights into the capabilities and activities required to increase packaging innovation.

Dr Christopher Simms
Reader in Innovation Management and New Product Development
University of Portsmouth

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Case Study
Packaging Development
Packaging Initiatives within Fresh Dairy for Sustainable Solutions while also Creating Product Differentiation.


  • Environmental goals
  • Packaging adaptions
  • Case study 1 & 2

Torkel Bergengren
‎Packaging Manager
Arla Foods AB

Case Study
Packaging Innovation & Design
The Consumer Drive for Creative Packaging Innovation

MintelWhat consumer needs are driving packaging developments? What packaging features do consumers reports valuing? Here we look at trends such as growing environmental awareness, consumer need for convenience and changing shopper habits. The presentation will use consumer data to identify opportunities, and global packaging examples to highlight how brands are reacting.

  • Packaging trend analysis
  • Global consumer research
  • Pack innovation examples
  • Functionality, value, environment

Dr Benjamin Punchard
Global Packaging Insights Director

Networking Lunch


Case Study
New Technologies & Materials
Packaging that Touches Human Lives—A Shift from Cure to Care!


  • Evolution of smart packaging— augmenting the cure to care concept
  • Healthcare life cycle management through adoption of digitization

Santanu Chowdhury
Senior General Manager, Packaging Development

Case Study
Packaging Innovation & Design
The Role of Food Packaging in Strengthening Value Chains in Developing Economies


  • The packaging constraints of small and medium agro-enterprises in developing countries
  • Food packaging and food losses
  • Innovative packaging solutions
  • The potential of investment in food packaging in developing countries

Robert van Otterdijk
Agro-Industry Officer
Food and Agriculture Organization

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Case Study
Packaging Innovation & Design
Packaging Innovation within Multiple Constraints

AltriaTo develop packaging for our Operating Companies, we are faced with multiple constraints over and above most CPG companies. This session would discuss the challenges we face developing innovative packaging within these multiple constraints.


Among these constraints:

  • Impact of Regulation
  • Product Constraints
  • High Volumes
  • Speed of Packaging Equipment

Yvonne DeVerry
Senior Director – Packaging Design & Innovation
Altria Client Services, LLC

Case Study
New Technologies & Materials
Paulig Journey Towards 100 % Renewable Laminates 2025

paulig-logoOn a journey towards renewable coffee laminates

  • Sustainability in packaging is a multidimensional theme and there are various ways to measure and interpret it
  • Consumer point of view about sustainable packages is sometimes very different from research based point of view
  • Gustav Paulig has chosen to develop renewable flexible materials with lower carbon footprint
  • Comparison of various flexible alternatives and development roadmap to achieve 100 % renewable materials is presented

Kati Marjut Randell
Strategic Packaging Development Manager
Gustav Paulig

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New Technologies & Materials

Circularity Performance of Different Plastics: the Case of PET and PSSpeaker Logo - Danone 1

  • Improving the impact of PET bottles on the environment:
  • Making Polystyrene more circular… or replace it?
  • Collection of packaging material in organized and non-organized countries
  • Collaboration with external partners in the packaging industry?

Philippe Diercxsens
Packaging & Environment Manager
Danone Waters