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  • Creative Branding and Packaging Design
  • New Technology and Materials
  • Packaging Innovation and Development
Day 1 – June, 19 2017 – Monday
Registration & refreshments

Creative Branding and Packaging Design
Microsoft’s Journey: Successfully Evolving Your Packaging to Match the Move to a Premium Product Line


In this insightful case study, hear how Microsoft reinvigorated their packaging to match a company-wide expansion into premium product lines. With a focus on crafting packaging that is consistent with customer expectations of high-end products, their designers and engineers worked hand-in-hand to create products that would delight and enhance the customer experience whilst remaining uniquely Microsoft.

  • Moving from a primarily utility product line to premium products and how to reflect that in your packaging
  • Making the most of your packaging to create a memorable, shareable customer experience
  • Creating harmony with various stakeholders: supply chain, finance, procurement

Kevin Marshall
Creative Director of Design

John Whitfield
Senior Global Packaging Manager

New Technology and Materials
The Future Is Now – Printing the Consumer Experience


  • Incorporating Interactive Screens Onto Your Product Packaging
  • How? – The science behind developing cutting edge interactive technology
  • Scrap the Label – Innovation that improve the customer experience
  • Where do we go from here?

Chris Jones

Case Study
New Technology and Materials
Renewable Materials and Packaging Optimisation – Sustainability in Packaging Innovations at Procter & Gambles


  • Latest advances in moving to a circular economy: the use of tracers in plastic packaging materials
  • Replacing petroleum-derived materials with renewables
  • Packaging optimisation: light weighting, refills and compaction
  • Practical case studies

Gian de Belder
Principal Scientist, Sustainable Packaging
Procter & Gamble

Case Study
Creative Branding and Packaging Design
Combining Physical and Digital Communication Through Packaging


  • Combining the brand in the hand with the digital world
  • Enhancing consumer’s experience through interactive packaging
  • Leveraging packaging for collecting big data

Shira Rosen
Packaging Development Manager
Strauss Group

iSolve and Coffee Break

iSolve Logo - resized

Case Study
New Technology and Materials
A Thinking Exercise: What Will Be the Next Level of Sustainable Packaging?


This session will explore how we can package our products without plastics and look at what is the next level of solutions for materials that cannot be recycled.


Marcel Keuenhof
European Packaging Manager

Case Study
Creative Branding and Packaging Design
How to Increase the Perceived Value of Products Through Packaging

In this insightful presentation, Carlo will explore how Nomad Foods overcame the unique packaging challenges of the frozen food market. Faced with a market perception of frozen food being a cheaper product in supermarkets, hear how they reinvented their packaging approach to increase the perceived value of their products, and in turn drive sales. Benefit from their lessons learned and gain an understanding on how to apply these concepts to your own products.


Carlo Rotunno
Global Head of R&D – Packaging
Nomad Foods Europe

Solution Spotlight
New Technology and Materials
What Consumers Want From Offline and Online Retail Packaging


  • Exciting insights and resulting innovations from two consumer research projects
  • How packaging material properties impact consumers’ perception of the brand and product in FMCG retail
  • How packaging can create pleasure and pain along the online packaging buyer journey for both consumers and online retailers


Björn Thunström
SVP, Marketing & Innovation, Division Packaging Solutions
Stora Enso

Essi Lauri
‎Product Manager for CKB, Tambrite & Tamfold
Stora Enso

Packaging Innovation and Development
Safe Adhesives for Food Packaging: Risk Assessment Toolbox

hb-fullerPackaging is essential to preserving food throughout the supply chain, prolonging shelf-life and promoting brand image to consumers. Adhesives are used in primary and secondary packaging regardless of the selected packaging material and format. In this workshop H.B. Fuller will present:

  • Overview of different adhesive technologies used in food packaging
  • Toolbox of guidelines and regulations used for risk assessment of adhesives in food packaging

Alexandra Ross
Regulatory Specialist Food, EIMEA
H.B. Fuller

Case Study
Packaging Innovation and Development
When Less is More –Smaller, Individually- Portioned Packaging


  • Creating customer-focused packaging
  • Working with the trend and applying it to your advantage
  • What does the data suggest, and how can we work with it to design better, more convenient packaging?


Prabhat Mishra
Global Packaging Sustainability & Core Technology Lead
Mondelez International

Case Study
New Technology and Materials
Modernizing Your Manufacturing Facilities – A Discussion on the Increased Deployment of Packaging Production Robots

Team Delft, a collaboration between TU Delft Robotics Institute and the company Delft Robotics, was one of 16 finalists for the 2016 Amazon Picking Challenge. Led by Kanter van Deurzen, the team won both the picking and stowing finals, with a flexible robot system based on industry standards.

  • Automating your manufacturing process – Moving away from conventional techniques to incorporate innovative deep neuro-network systems
  • Training Your Robot – Building a robust system for picking, packing and palletizing in packaging
  • The First Steps – Configuring and implementing robotics

Kanter Van Deurzen
Team Leader & Robot System Developer
Delft Robotics

Networking lunch


Case Study
Creative Branding and Packaging Design
Packaging That Meets the Needs of an Aging Population – Accessibility and Design Requirements


  • Latest advances in moving to a circular economy: the use of tracers in plastic packaging materials
  • Replacing petroleum-derived materials with PCR (Post-consumer recycled) including beach plastics
  • Packaging optimization and Circular Economy: light weighting and circular design
  • Practical case studies

Santanu Chowdhury
Senior General Manager, Packaging Development
Sun Pharmaceuticals

Case Study
New Technology and Materials
Inside the New Plastics Economy Initiative


The New Plastics Economy is a bold vision aligned with the principles of the circular economy and offering a much-needed, fundamental rethink for plastics and plastic packaging. It presents an ambitious target state, achieving better economic and environmental outcomes while continuing to harness the many benefits of plastics and plastic packaging. Sander will highlight the main insights from the 2016 New Plastics Economy report as well as the its 2017 successor and will touch upon the ambitious 3-year, New Plastics Economy Initiative, led by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and bringing together key stakeholders to catalyse the transition to the envisioned target state.


Sander Defruyt
Research Analyst, New Plastics Economy
Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Solution Spotlight
Creative Branding and Packaging Design
Get Connected and Future Proof Your Brand Identity – Implement a Platform for your Brands

  • Develop a marketing strategy that aligns both physical and digital consumer touch points, allowing your consumers to have a true “journey” with your Brand
  • Align across operating divisions within your company to provide a seamless and coherent experience for your consumers wherever they want to “touch” your brand
  • Integrate your regulatory and packaging content into your marketing workflow, enabling a more accurate digital retail branding
  • Perform flawlessly under extreme time pressure with the flexibility to adapt to changing regulations and growing complexities of product information, all while maintaining consumer engagement
  • Reduce errors and delays in your packaging process by bringing visibility between all stakeholders, placing product to shelf faster
  • Bring all of this together to reduce cost and accelerate NPD time to market – what do Esko’s clients say?

New Technology and Materials
Analysing the Economic, Environmental and Social Benefits of Steel for Packaging


Steel for Packaging, model material for a circular economy

  • Designed for efficiency
  • Ambassador for higher recycling
  • Key player in the fight against food waste

The economic, environmental and social benefits of using steel as a packaging material.

Alexis van Maercke
Secretary General

Packaging Innovation and Development
Packaging Optimisation to Meet Shelf Life and Product Protection Requirements


  • How Nestlé are optimising the packaging of existing and new product lines
  • Goal is to tailor packaging to meet the protection needs of specific products
  • Adapting packaging to different climates in different needs of markets

Robert Witik
Senior Specialist for Sustainability & Packaging Material Science

Case Study
Creative Branding and Packaging Design
Diverse Product Line Packaging Strategies for Consistent Shelf Presence and Brand Equity


Logitech is a trusted brand for keyboards, mice, speakers, PC gaming and other consumer electronics. But creating packaging for such a diverse product line and a large amount of price points is a complex task. This presentation will show the recent journey and continuous improvements to drive both brand equity and shelf presence.

Adam Schettle
‎Head of Packaging

iSolve and Coffee Break

iSolve Logo - resized

Case Study
Packaging Innovation and Development
The True Cost of Food Waste and Loss


  • The global issue
  • What the packaging industry can do to fix it
  • Make a change – philosophies to adopt & technologies worth investing in

Professor Leon Terry
Director of Environment and Agrifood
Cranfield Soil and Agrifood Institute

Case Study
New Technology and Materials
Food Shelf Life Extension With Active Packaging Towards a More Sustainable World



  • The packaging movement from a passive protection role to one of active preservation
  • How to embed micro/nano compounds in the inner layers of existing packaging materials that release at a controlled rate to delay food deterioration
  • Antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of these agents – meeting safety and quality requirements
  • Data comparing packaging materials with the agents embedded vs. without – potential for commercial use


Margarida Cortez Vieira
Head of Department of Food Engineering
University of Algarve

Case Study
Creative Branding and Packaging Design
Moving from B2C to B2Partnership – How to Connect With and Engage Your Customers


  • Holistic design in packaging innovation
  • How to build an emotional binding to your customer
  • Understand your consumer, see the trends
  • Identifying exactly who your customer is: defining the partnership and what you have to do to engage them


Guido Schmitz
Head of Packaging & Technology Innovation
Bayer HealthCare

Case Study
Packaging Innovation and Development
What’s Next? – A Prospective Approach to Consumer-Insight and Its Value in Creating Attractive Packaging Designs



  • What is the right way – is it Innovation first and then looking for opportunities or reverse?
  • Differentiate products with innovative packaging – materials/compliance/appearance
  • Case Studies – converting ideas to opportunities


Rajesh Mishra
Head of Packaging Development

Packaging Innovation and Development
Packaging Intervention in the Supply Chain: Consumer and Operational Benefits


  • Supply chain considerations – dimensions, distribution of packs, shelf space occupation, loadability
  • Improve efficiency, reduce costs and create more excitement in the market through supply chain solutions
  • Intelligent packaging that facilitates supply chain movement
  • Case study – Affordable Small Sparkling Package keeping products both fresh and affordable
  • Extending the shelf life of PET products – plasma coatings

Bimal Lakhotia
Associate Vice President – Packaging Development & Commercialization
Coca Cola

Networking Drinks Reception

Amsterdam Canal Tour



The history of Amsterdam is intimately connected with water. Its 165 canals were created over the centuries to stimulate trade and transport and reclaim land to expand the city. They continue define the city’s landscape and in 2010 Amsterdam’s canal ring was recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site. In this relaxing end to the day, network with your fellow attendees over drinks and canapes as we cruise the city’s historical centre by boat.

Day 2 – June, 20 2017 – Tuesday
Registration & Refreshments

Creative Branding and Packaging Design
Shelf Appeal: Conceptualising Design as a Primary Business Driver


  • Developing ‘pick-me’ package design concepts and to accomplish aggressive market-penetration goals
  • Leveraging cutting-edge tools and techniques to differentiate your product and stand-out from the crowd
  • Sourcing high impact materials, substrates, inks, tools and techniques with low-impact price-tags to achieve a brand-name look on a limited budget

Moria Cullen
Vice President, Head of Global Brand Design

Case Study
New Technology and Materials
Nanotechnology in The Packaging Industry – Where Are We Now and Where Can We Go From Here?


  • Advantages of incorporating nanotechnology into your packaging innovation and design
  • Applications in Food Packaging and Food Safety: Antimicrobials and Sensors
  • Nanocomposites as high barrier packaging materials

Professor Graham Bonwick
Executive Director Innovation & Development, Food Nanotechnology Research Group
University of Chester

Dr Catherine Birch
Programme Leader, The Institute of Food Science & Innovation
University of Chester

Case Study
New Technology and Materials
Value Engineering – Better Packaging Functionality for Fewer Resources


This presentation will provide you an insight in Value Engineering methodology used to optimize functionality and cost of food packaging. This approach collects and quantifies Needs and Wants related to packaging from End consumers, Retailers, Distribution centers, Fillers facilities and Brand Owners and compare them with resources needed to produce current or new packaging solution. It enhances communication and alignment through the entire supply chain, providing many opportunities to improve the way of producing, packaging delivery, assess alternative materials and introduce wanted features for the customers.

Vladimir Zernin
Global Value Engineering Lead for Packaging
Kraft Heinz Company

Solution Spotlight
New Technology and Materials
Breakthrough Packaging Technology to Boost Efficiency for Food Producers
TetraPakHow Tetra Pak introduced new breakthrough packaging technology to the beverage carton industry for the first time, to boost production efficiency and lower environmental impact for producers, marking the start of a new era in the world of carton packaging.

  • Improving environmental performance and reducing packaging waste
  • Reducing operational costs for food manufactures
  • Giving producers production flexibility

Luca Poppi
Packaging Technologies Program Director
Tetra Pak

Solution Spotlight
Creative Branding and Packaging Design
Give Your Brand a Voice on the Retail Shelf and Beyond

  • In that golden moment when the customer has your product in hand, who is whispering things in their ear? Google? Amazon? What if you owned that communication channel and had the advantage of a direct digital link to your prospect from your product or package. In this presentation, you will learn which mobile solutions are best suited to enable a physical product to become its own marketing and sales channel. You will see how to create new engagement opportunities throughout a shopper’s journey, pre- and post- purchase, with the simple tap of a smartphone.

Eric Vanroyen
Director, Business Development EMEA

iSolve and Coffee Break

iSolve Logo - resized

Case Study
New Technology and Materials
Design for Recycling – Enabling the Circular Economy


  • How to enable engineers and developers to design for recycling
  • Understanding the constraints and success criteria for recyclability
  • Henkel’s history in sustainability & sustainable packaging design

Philippe Blank
Packaging Innovation & Sustainability Manager

Case Study
Packaging Innovation and Development
Materials & Design Packaging Innovations in Coca-Cola


  • Case studies including “share a Coke” and can sleeve applications – technical details
  • Limited edition packaging insights
  • How we connect with social media
  • Advertisement and impacts on sales


Gonul Bolukbasi
‎Packaging and Graphics Manager
The Coca-Cola Company

Packaging Innovation and Development
Disposable IoT Smart Packaging Solutions

  • is able to transform any bottle into a smart bottle – no matter if contains a liquid, powder, pill, or capsule. The packages and caps do much more than close the bottle or package, they measure usage, remind to use and monitor end of life, communicating all the information.

Yoav Hoshen

Solution Spotlight
Packaging Innovation and Development
Go Circular with a Reusable Packaging System to Improve Supply Chain Performance


  • Move from a linear to a circular economy model for transport packaging
  • Create supply chain efficiencies and eliminate waste through reusable packaging
  • How technology advancements are enabling reuse and increasing value
  • Considerations for adopting and optimizing reusable packaging systems

Tim Debus
President & CEO
Reusable Packaging Association

Case Study
New Technology and Materials
Exploring the Use of DLC Diffusion Barrier & Corrosion Protection Coating (Nano Contacts) in Packaging



  • Developments in nano-polar coating for anti-fogging effect and adhesion promoter for coating/printing onto plastic
  • Impact of nano-crystalline domains of TiO2 and imbedding of nano-clusters onto antimicrobial effects


Eva Maria Moser
International Packaging Institute

Case Study
Packaging Innovation and Development
Giving Your Packaging a Story to Engage Millennials


As we enter a period of engaging the most brand-loyal generation in history, consumers are being bombarded with an ever increasing array of packaging. It is critical to acknowledge that the that the story of the package carries just as much weight as the package itself. Millennials are giving money to companies that exhibit cause, and the challenge for companies is to create something that is sustainable and has an engaging story. With a vision to stem the flow of ocean-bound plastic and reduce poverty, packaging using the Plastic Bank mark to engage consumers has been proven to dramatically increase their likelihood to purchase a product. In this presentation, learn how Packaging professionals can be a conduit for change, and engage a generation.

David Katz
The Plastic Bank

Networking lunch


Case Study
Packaging Innovation and Development
Innovative and Sustainable Packaging Solutions of Food


  • Advanced packaging methods: modified atmosphere packaging and active packaging
  • Case study: CO2 emitters contribute to reduced packaging size and longer shelf-life
  • Packaging solutions to reduce food waste

Helga Naes
Research Director

Case Study
New Technology and Materials
Practical Steps to Close the Plastic Recycling Loop



  • Closing the loop for packaging – where is the EU heading for
  • How does the Netherlands anticipate on the future
  • Role of the several stakeholder in the packaging chain; companies, policymakers, recyclers, developers, designers
  • Tips and tricks for sustainable packaging and closing the loop

Karen van de Stadt
Packaging Expert
Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging

Case Study
New Technology and Materials
Think Outside the Circle – A Different Approach to Anti-Counterfeiting in Packaging


In an interdisciplinary research thrust at the University of Luxembourg, involving computer and materials scientists, we are exploring the potential of using liquid crystal sphere samples for secure authentication tokens, which can be produced at high throughput at low cost and be integrated into valuable objects to prove their authenticity. In the presentation, the basic principles of the technique and the current state of the research will be presented.

Yong Geng
Research Associate, Physics & Materials Science Research Unit
University of Luxembourg

Gabriele Lenzini
Senior Research Scientist, Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust
University of Luxembourg


Creative Branding and Packaging Design
The Right Sensory Mix: Targeting Consumer Product Development Scientifically

Right Sensory Mix

    Many companies fail to acknowledge and analyse disparities observed among customers and simply put them down to culture or emotion. New neuroendocrinological research proves that consumers are rational: they just have a different biological perception of the same stimulus. Their preferences, behaviour, and decisions are strongly influenced by the hundreds of millions of sensors monitoring their body and brain. By understanding the brain’s decision-making process from a consumer behaviour perspective, learn the science behind why packaging sells.
  • Understanding and predicting consumers’ behaviour and preferences
  • Designing the right sensory mix (colour, shape, taste, smell, texture, and sound) for each product
  • Fine-tuning your packaging and product range for every local market

Professor Diana Derval
Derval Research